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Taxi Zuerich Airport Lech

Getting by Taxi from Zürich Airport to Lech Arlberg

Zurich to Lech*Taxitransfer – Zürich Airport – Lech and back

*Driving time: 2 Std

*Driving distance: cca 200 Km

*Taxi-Route: Zürich-Airport, A51, E60/A1, E41/E60/A1/A4, A1/E60, A13, Take exit Diepoldsau/Heerbrugg, Entering Austria, A14, S16, B197 toward Arlbergpaß, B198, Lech.

Price on request.

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Taxi Friedrichshafen Airport Lech

Getting by Taxi from Friedrichshafen Airport to Lech Arlberg

Friedrichshafen to Lech*Taxitransfer – Friedrichshafen-Bodensee Airport – Lech and back

*Driving time: 1 Std 30 Min

*Driving distance: cca 130 Km

Taxi-Route: Bodensee-Friedrichshafen-Airport, K7791, K7728, B31, A96, A14, S16, B197, Lech.

Price on request.

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